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January 8, 2020



The memorable city Bisbee which is usually noticed for its past of copper mining is now turned to be well recognized for its totally unique and distinct architecture- ‘Cave House’ as to how it is called by the locals of the region. 

This town Bisbee is situated in the mountain Arizona. Cave House has got an intriguing history attributed to it. This was the place where a couple fell in love and wanted to reside in that place by carving out this into a beautiful and unique house to dwell in. According to the video released by HGTV, it is found that it took 15 years for the couple to work on this project. The residence expands up to 37 acres and is about 3000 Square foot. It incorporates a two-level guest house and a studio along with it. The Sunroom which is twice as the size of the bedroom is in the passageway of the Cave House. Overall Cave House is in L-shape with one hallway leading into the Cave and the other out of it. The dining area and the kitchen are fitted in the sides of the foyers. The house comprises two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Furthermore, there is a metal staircase in the living area which directs to the cozy bedroom loft. It is found that the exit of the house is 15 feet higher than that of its entrance. The land also amasses a 2 level guest house outside its 37 acres property. The guest house includes two bedrooms and one bathroom. There is again a small studio right next to an RV shed where the kitchen area is in front and the Bed & living area is organized to be in the back. The house is enclosed by plants, trees, animal life and natural pools. The substantiated information tells that the couple sold this house to its current owners at the price of $987,000 in 2018 and the current owners left it to deal at the market price of $998,000.