Eat the right way!

May 16, 2019


Eat the right way!

When was the last time you ate to your heart’s content without glancing at that weight machine laying around the corner?                                                

When was the last time you enjoyed the guilty pleasure of binging on those favourite junkies of yours without having to worry about your weight?

Eating healthy has nothing to do with sticking on to a particular diet where you eat only salads and cut down on your entire food pattern. That can be the least cruel thing you could do to your tummy. Eating healthy has a lot to do with your mind than with your body. You can keep yourself fit by eating as much as your heart wants, and then quickly following it up with a bit of exercise.

The more you restrict yourself from eating the food you love, the more depressed you will tend to get. You should never deprive yourself of the food you love. Healthy eating is more about feeling great, having more energy, improving your health, and boosting your mood.

They say food is always the way to get through one’s heart, and there is no denial in that. The joy you get in your eyes while seeing that ice cream truck pass by you, the smell of Maggie when its being cooked, those mouth-watering cookies dressed with choco chips and so on, the list never really ends.

But as much as you eat, you should have an equal check on your health. Binging onto too much of junkies is never termed as a good practice. There’s a difference between wanting to maintain a fit body and forcing your body to listen to you. The latter will always turn out to be harsh on you than the former, so pick your option wisely.

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