December 31, 2019



World’s first female empowerment themed hotel.

Hotel Zena themed to be women-centric in fullness proclaimed to praising the prosperity of women will be opened in Washington, D.C., by the spring of 2020.The affirmative population of women is the prominent advantage of the selection of the location of this Hotel. Certainly, Hotel Zena is not the first hotel dedicating the accomplishments of women as La Figueroa in Los Angeles opened in 1926 incredibly for women travellers which is again very prominent for its newly launched compositions of women artists enters the record. Hotel Zena comprises 191 rooms modest enough to accommodate along with a 14th-floor pool rooftop patio, hallway cocktail pub with it. 

It is substantiated to be a hotel that stars significant and outstanding female figures. It incorporates a 50-foot Wooden serpent art rescinded from the roof and a fresco of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. 

Although the Mural of Ruth Bader Ginsberg is not something different as every Gift store in DC comprises at least a tote pouch with a picture of Justice Ginsberg on it. 

Regardless, Jon Bortz the President and CEO of Pebblebrook Hotel Trust asserts that the extraordinary aspect of Hotel Zena is that it is the first Hospitality establishment exclusively committed to commemorating successes of women.It also entails a destination lounge for cultural programs like live music to take place. 

Hotel Zena enlists the level of one of the best-themed hotels in the district along with the resistance themed Eaton and millennial-minded Moxy which was opened in 2018.