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Nailing !t

March 22, 2019


Nailing !t

The act of grooming oneself has come a long way. Many others testify that the physical appearance constitutes an audition upon which opinions are made. So, then with actions as simple as flicking your hair, placing forward that priority report or even the firm hand-shake, is there something you have been overlooking? Nifty Jacob gives a peek into an element long forgotten, those pretty little nails.

If you would amuse us by drawing yourself into an imaginary world and follow our lead, picture an important event you need to attend – a wedding, or birthday, or even a bridal shower, if you must. And just before heading out the door, you take a few minutes to have one last look in the mirror with a checklist running through your mind. Hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, the sassy sling bag—check! And you’re out the door. Did you forget something? We bet one in twenty times, you did. An ever visible part of your appearance, your nails!

Tracing the beginnings of the art of nail care is quite interesting, as equally as it is informative. For starters, the art of nail care is said to date back to approximately 3000 years, when the aristocratic dames in China painted their nails bright red hues, topped with precious stones and metals, which marked their social standing. Egyptian women were not behind on the bandwagon with the common folk dabbling in henna while the red colour was explicitly reserved for Queen Cleopatra during her reign. Things did slightly change around here with renowned celebrities such as Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez who are said to have spent six figures on manicures which include real jewels.

Know your nails

If one were to take an average day, it would be near impossible to put a figure on the number of activities you are performing with your hands and thereby the associative use of finger nails. Starting from switching on the coffee machine to tapping away on the ubiquitous keyboard at work, your nails undergo a thorough bout of exposure to many surfaces, and thereby, germs and infections. Long commute to work on a daily basis poses as an apt environment for the growth of fungal infection under your toe nails. Many a time, lack of  attention can also lead to the painful in-growth. Moreover, nails are also representative of one’s health. Pink nails? You seem to be doing quite well. Weak or brittle nails that are subject to untimely chipping, is indicative of lack of essential nutrients such as Vitamins A and B. Also, humid atmospheres or extremely dry conditions can also cause fungal infections and a rather yellow tinge. Not to worry. A few simple steps can go a long way in keeping your nails healthy, long and beautiful. It is highly recommended that along with your wash routine, you also spend a few moments filing and taking care of your cuticles.

Why the Mani-pedicure

The simplest way to take care of your nails is by setting up a routine. We suggest that your next visit to the salon also entails a manicure and pedicure. With professional help, you can soon flaunt your nails like never before. For women who are professionally employed, the French Manicure usually works best. With neutral colours like a beige or light pink coat and white highlights, this gives a clean and appealing look. Some also opt for the Reverse French Manicure. Of course, nail art has gained popularity over time and we love the vibrant look that the ladies are spotting. From floral painting to metal embellishments and what not, new age nail art is big. While you are it, we suggest you proceed with caution and give particular heed to the kind of base polishes and materials used to ensure that they are not heavy laden on chemicals. Often the best route is to get it professionally done. Moreover it also helps to increase blood circulation across finger tips and thereby keep them healthy.

As we contemplate, the relevance of a good pedicure is not far off. While the procedures are the same, be sure to check and pick from a variety of available options to find out what best suits your need. If you are one who enjoys long walks or cannot avoid catching a bus in the office rush, perhaps you have tanned feet. An anti-tan procedure will help lighten the skin and clear the dark blotches. For swollen feet, many resort to a hot stone procedure, which provides lasting relief. Lastly, there is nothing as attention grabbing as a pair of beautiful finger nails, not to mention the boost of confidence.

The quick fix

On the plus side, a few simple home remedies go a long way in keeping your nails clean and stylish. An occasional hot water bath for your feet and fingers can do wonders. Add a fresh slice of lemon scrub to remove tan marks and follow by wrapping in a towel. It not only softens the skin and rough soles but is a great way to clean and exfoliate. A mix of baking soda and lemon juice helps to whiten the nails. Be sure to moisturise your fingers and toes. Natural oils or Shea butter is an excellent remedy to soften your skin and cuticles.

Fitness Food

Your diet has a huge role in keeping your nails growing and healthy. If you like salmon, you are in for a treat. A great source of Vitamin D, it encourages bone and nail growth. Biotin, a vitamin that enhances hair and nails is found in food such as eggs, yeast, sunflower seeds, brown rice etc. Indulge in a protein rush with lean beef, white meat such as chicken and fish or soy and beans. Throw in a few Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds or avocados and you won’t worry about brittle or under grown nails anymore. So go on, nail it!