The world is your Oyster

April 21, 2019


The world is your Oyster

The number of tantrums our everyday routine throws at us is enormous. Wanting to take a break from this haunting-routine is what all of us crave for. A vacation is a time for you to relax and enjoy doing your favourite activities. It’s the time where you explore new places, meet new people and create memories which you would cherish a lifetime to come. When it comes to planning a vacation there are many factors that contribute to making it the best one. These factors include the location, amenities, and facilities that are available at the destination, as well as the services offered and the activities available that keep you entertained during your stay. While considering these factors, opting for a luxury holiday is the wise decision that one can make. If you have the cash to splash, then the world is definitely your oyster in every aspect you can imagine. Still having trouble in figuring out your best luxury getaway? Well, fear not when we are here to display the top 5 luxury getaways which will take your breath away!

1)     Seychelles:

Seychelles is one of the first places that comes to mind when thinking about beautiful places with rare wildlife, crystal clear waters, lush rainforests, and breath-taking beaches all outlined before a striking backdrop of rocks. This place is truly a paradise which can be best experienced by taking a cruise around the islands.

2)     Tanzania:

A combination of a safari experience with luxury is what Tanzania is all about. It is one of the best options to visit for nature lovers who want to enjoy high-class accommodation. The Highlands camp is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and has spectacular views, including views of Kilimanjaro. Gourmet meals are prepared to sue local organic ingredients, as well as luxury domed tents come equipped with everything you need for a relaxing break.

3)     Mirihi Island, The Maldives:

When people think of luxury, Maldives is often the first location they would choose. The boutique-style accommodated Mirihi Island, which has 30 villas with private decks overlooking the Indian Ocean and seven additional rooms, is beautifully designed to reflect the surroundings. The island has two restaurants, each of which serves stunning, freshly prepared dishes for guests.

4)     Andaz Peninsula, Costa Rica:

If you are hoping for an exotic break in a naturally beautiful setting, then the Andaz Peninsula in Costa Rica is ideal. The Anda Peninsula Papagayo Resort is located where Culebra Bay and the Gulf of Papagayo meet. The mountainous backdrop and lush surroundings will definitely take your breath away making your mornings an absolute treat to start the day. The resort is surrounded by a golf course, two secluded beaches, and two national parks.

5)     Lake Como:

Lake Como is a popular destination for the rich and famous. It is no wonder this area is so popular among the wealthy as the surroundings are outstanding and the area offers visitors so much to see and do. For a luxurious vacation, take a stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo which overlooks the lake and provides the highest level of hospitality.