Too much on your plate?

May 4, 2019


Too much on your plate?

There’s scarcely time for you take a breather. You have a slew of meetings to go to and your schedule has an overlapping agenda. You start feeling particularly lackadaisical towards the end of the day, and this results in undesirable outcomes. This is your daily routine, what do you do then?

Clear your afternoon schedule, head out for a quick workout, and maybe grab a healthy lunch? Re-energised, you can continue the rest of your day with a fresh perspective. As ‘Western’ as it might sound, this is a cultural practice that Indians are trying to get into. Here are some of the ways in which you can work your body and mind during work hours.

If you find ample space in your work area, you can always take a 30-minute power walk, especially post-lunch. This way, you will not fall sleepy and have a rejuvenated sense of what needs to be accomplished for the rest of the day. There are other fun ways of indulging in rigorous physical activities too. You could choose to play a team sport such as basketball, badminton or even a friendly game of soccer. In this way, you can motivate your employees to take part in a game that could build coordination, sportsmanship and team strength. Of course, this would mean you need to find a local sporting ground or court – but if you manage to get a membership, nothing like it.

If you are constricted by space, you can always meditate in your room for a minimum of thirty minutes. Before meditation, you can skip the elevator and climb how many ever flights of staircases, as a quick warm-up session.

If you are somebody who needs to be pushed to work out, you can employ a trainer at work who will help you get out of the slump. This way, you can buy gym equipment for work, and use them whenever you feel like it.

It is important that you find yourself some time to workout because the most successful people we know are both physically and mentally fit. That’s why you need to push boundaries and convert your daily schedule to squeeze in time for a quick workout – because even ten minutes of exercise can change how your brain thinks.