January 23, 2020



Mercedes Benz has unveiled its stunning new VISION AVTR, inspired by the world hit science fiction movie ‘AVATAR’. This was designed exclusively to make it connect with the passengers. The concept of ‘No Steering wheel’ is introduced in VISION AVTR. It has a center console through which the car is connected with the driver. The control unit of VISION AVTR is incorporated in order to recognize the heartbeat and the breathing of the passengers in it. Adding to this the center console brings the resemblance of the Tree of Souls, the holy place in the Avatar’s imaginary land of Na’vi. The Car has the ability to sense the vital signs of the passengers and adjust the lighting according to it. 

Another intriguing fact is that VISION AVTR communicates with its passengers by sending vibrations. When the driver lifts a hand from the central console, the menu options are displayed in his/her palms. It also comprises a 3D 360 degree sound system which binds the outside sounds and brings inside the car, unlike others which try to shield passengers from the outside world. It also encompasses a battery which is recyclable employing ‘Organic cell chemistry’ concept. 

The 33 “Bionic flaps” conveys “subtle gestures”. 

VISION AVTR moves sideways by 30°. 

Moreover, the VISION AVTR uses vegan leather for its seats manufactured by Dinamica.  The floor is made of wood from Karun which is hand-harvested in Indonesia. 

Moving to the specifications, VISION AVTR is capable of running the engine up to 350 Kilowatts of power. The battery has a capacity of 110 kilowatt-hours. The doors are designed to be opened upwards and they are transparent. The interior of VISION AVTR is designed to resemble like a nest or a cocoon.