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When men turn up the style quotient

March 22, 2019


When men turn up the style quotient

London Collections: Men kick-started the year with the best of styles, trends, and designs by leading brands, the likes of Selfridges, Tom Ford and Gucci. CEO Lifestyle gives you a peek at what’s trending on the hit list for the gentlemen.

Spanning across four days from January 9th to 12th, London Collections: Men was a refreshing concoction of some of the best artists and their work. Starting from classic brands on Savile Row to street fashion and the urban chic, the event put forward a smashing mix of the elements of style, reviving the take on men’s fashion. In fact, some would argue that the range of options presented, with bold hues and well-cut garments to the over-sized jackets, it out-numbered diversity on women’s wear. Together with music accents and art, it was indeed a creative burst of the world of vogue like never before.

It began with a display of collection by Topman, which celebrated the 70s with well-fit jackets, a splash of prints and popping hues of yellow, red and more. Christopher Shannon took it a notch further with a play on neon coloured bags wrapped around the models and head and street-wear with texts like “Save Me” and “Brocken”. The American brand, Coach added elements of thick sheep skin with biker jackets. MAN was a collaboration of Topman and Fashion East, which made an effective platform for jejune designers.

This time around, Rory Mooney, Liam Hodge, and Nicomede Talavera worked around large shearling jackets and plaid effects inspired by the early 60s and 70s. Alexander McQueen did not disappoint with sharp silhouettes and velvet suits, badges and edgy overcoats. The colours of romantic red and black drew on a sense of charisma that played between sensational romance and a gothic appeal. Siblings played on hues of hot pink, a trend that many predict will soon sport the men’s closet. Designer Mathew Miller’s collection used an energising and innovative mix of fabrics such as grained leather and deconstructed trousers, topped with embroidery and embellishments. Other renowned names in the fashion fraternity such as Savile Row Tailors, Superdry, Paul Smith and Richard James also presented exciting offerings. Clearly, this was a mesmerising potpourri in the world of fashion.