December 16, 2019



Microsoft has surprisingly disclosed it’s next-generation X-Box officially as X-BOX SERIES X at the Game awards 2019 with a trailer of it’s design. This was first kept in secrecy known as Project Scarlett before being named by Microsoft. X-Box Series X is unlike its precursors with its blocky structure. It looks identical to that of a portable gaming PC. It is going to be quite a robust season for Microsoft’s contemporary X-box series X as Sony’s PS5 is also commencing in the same window. Microsoft organized Project Scarlett to be released by “Holiday 2020”. We can almost predict it to be between the months of October and November 2020. It is more apt to be released by November. 

X-Box Series X will be the successive generation X-Box console. As far as now Microsoft hadn’t unleashed any input about enforcing Virtual reality in it. About the Price, Phil Spencer declared that Microsoft has already realized from its mistake and that they will not be out of their price and stance this time. The X-box Project Scarlett substantiates to be 4 times more potent than its predecessors X-Box One S and X-Box One X.

Moving to the specifications, it employs a custom-designed processor from AMD. It verifies to prevail competent of operating games at 120Hz frame rates, at potential 8k resolutions. It is said that Microsoft functions with AMD to elicit a custom SoC that incorporates a processor and graphics card. 

Spencer also elucidated that they concentrated on 4k visuals this generation. X-Box Series X comprises of a physical disc device. Microsoft furthermore ascertained that the accessories of X-Box One X will also work with X-Box will also work with X-Box Series X. 

Phil Spencer moreover added that X-Box Series X games will direct us to the future of gaming by occurring more realistic, immersive and startling.