December 12, 2019



AMELS has inaugurated its largest-ever Superyacht at the Damen Shipyards on the Danube River. This Superyacht is 255 foot long and can not be called the lengthiest Superyacht as “Here comes the Sun” (272 foot long) which was unleashed in the Fort Lauderdale recently stands forward alleging that honour. However, this 78m full custom superyacht is perceived with its incredible design and vastest volume. 

Espen Øino is the architect of this New Yacht. The Superyacht Agency notifies that this is the second partnership between AMELS and Øino. 

The owner’s committee represented by Andrew’s division of Superyacht Technical Services, the exterior designer and the Naval Architect Espen Øino and the AMELS Managing executive Rose Damen is replenished with enormous pride about this New yacht. The interior of this Superyacht was done by the Zuretti interior designers. This is deemed to be an exceptionally distinct project of AMELS so far. 

This Superyacht is composed of a big pool on its upper deck and with the boats beneath it. This will hold the boats hidden. The extensively amazing aspect according to the designer Espen Øino is the balconies with direct entrance to the cabins out which can be sighted handily. He also states that this will not come into attention to many people because it is not very apparent unless the boat’s design is pulled out in 3D form to witness the balconies appearing. 

The Superyacht is on function with its finishing and it is announced to be produced in 2021.