September 3, 2019



While there are still days for the big launch, a report from China has leaked all the specs of the devices. Going through the report, we can say iPhone users are in for some surprising upgrades. With no further delay, here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 11

This is quite like iPhone XR and is the entry-level phone in the iPhone series. Keeping the price the same, the phone will start at $749 in the US and the features of the phone will be a lot similar to XR. 

The phone comes with 4GB of RAM, A13 chip, 12 MP front camera, 12 on the back 12 MP dual camera, Wi-Fi 6 and reverse wireless charging. Improving the face senor, the makers have put it in an angle that it can work for wider angles as well. There is a bump in the battery life and iPhone 11 comes with 3,110 mAh battery. The device will have no 3D Touch and comes in storage variant of 64/256/512GB.

iPhone 11 Pro

This is a lot similar and successor to the iPhone XS. Like XS, the phone will have A13 chip, newly angled Face ID, no 3D Touch, 12 MP front camera, OLED screen, wireless reverse charging and Wi-Fi 6. 

There is great news for camera lovers. iPhone 11 Pro comes with triple 12 MP rear cameras (standard + ultrawide + telephoto). The phone is available in storage variant of 128GB/256GB/512GB. It has 6GB of RAM, supports the Apple Pencil and 3,190 mAh battery. The phone will be sold at sold starting at $999 and has a frosted glass design.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Coming from iPhone XS Max’s family. Though the screen is the same, it lacks the 3D touch, something not many Apple users will be pleased with. Talking about the spec the phones come with the A13 chip, 12 MP front camera, reverse wireless charging, improved Face ID, 6GB of Ram and Wi-Fi 6 support. The phone gets a better battery life of 3,500 mAh. The phone comes with storage variant similar to that of iPhone 11 Pro and will start at $$ 1,099. 

Looks like Apple is all set for the big day like every year and the excitement among the loyal iPhone users hold no bounds. It would be interesting to see how true were these laked.