Beer can to double as game cantroller

August 21, 2019


Beer can to double as game cantroller

Beer and video games have a lot in common. 

They can both take the edge off after a long workday and serve as a way to build community and create friendships. Not to mention, both can be addictive. Imagine guzzling while puzzling or swaying while slaying.

It’s called the Cantroller, get it? The Cantroller looks like a Miller Lite can. It is filled with light beer straight from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It says Miller Lite on it, describing it as “a fine Pilsner beer.” That seems accurate. This controller is filled with light beer which can be refrigerated.

The game controls are on the other side of the can, all arranged with flat membrane buttons that don’t affect the profile of the can itself. It’s as simple as you can get, just a direction pad and four face buttons in a Nintendo A/B/X/Y configuration, with Start and Select buttons.

But Miller Lite tells us this is just the beginning of the brand’s foray into the gaming world, so don’t be surprised to see more innovations in the future.  Make it happen, MillerCoors.