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Calling of the sophistication!

April 22, 2019


Calling of the sophistication!

Nowadays, luxury homes are all about lifestyle and how uniquely one decorates their living space. High-end homes have stepped up to offer buyers more than ever before. Amenities which were once considered to be extravagant have now become standard availabilities. All these luxurious amenities have forced builders and homeowners to take up the standard of luxury living to the next level.

Luxury builders are on a hunt looking out for unique features and special touch that sets their home apart from the rest. In order to make the search a lot easier, here we are displaying to you the topmost sought-after features and amenities luxury homebuyers are swooning over. 

Hello, high-tech:

Technology is all about convenience and convenience is the ultimate luxury factor. Luxury home buyers are constantly looking for ways to make their lives easier. Hence, home automation systems have emerged to be the best solution which offers entertainment, security, lighting controls, temperature adjustment and more at just the push of a button or the command of your voice.

Shades and doors open automatically and you can control water and fire features, or set the mood with your favourite music streaming service. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy luxury which doesn’t require much of your physical work?

Home Theatres and Entertainment Centres:

Would you say no to a luxury villa which has a home theatre in it? Anyone, in that case, would definitely have a thumbs up when it comes to enjoying their favourite movie with a tub of popcorn and a cup of coke, resting back, without the strain of driving all the way to the theatre.

The most impressive home theatres offer stadium seating, recliners, custom couches, mood lighting and the latest and greatest in the picture and sound technology. The best part about the home theatre is that, even after a movie is over, the fun never stops. You can binge watch movies without any interruption.

The Drink-lab:

One of the most sought-after luxury amenities which has made a major resurgence is the wine room. These wine rooms are no longer hidden in the attic or the basement where the accessibility is restricted. But are instead the center of attraction in any home, which has become a major show stealer for entertainment and innovative design. 

Buyers are looking for beautifully displayed bottles, custom lighting, glass displays, motorized racks and an entire room solely for the purpose of displaying, tasting and enjoying vintage liquors.

Private Gyms and Spas:

Why go out for a massage or a spa treatment when they can come to you at your door-step? Rather than schlepping yourself to the gym at the rush hour, your trainer can come to your place, at your convenience. All you got to do after a strenuous workout session is to look out for that jacuzzi around the corner to indulge yourself in some soothing steam. Fully equipped gyms, dedicated yoga rooms, and spa rooms are cropping up in new luxury homes all over. So, what are you still waiting for? Go and kick-off those fats quicker than you think you can and get it done the most comfortable yet luxurious way possible.

Sports court to fine tune your skills:

When it comes to luxury homes, it’s all about appealing to the lifestyle, convenience, quality, and style. Luxury homes often feature basketball courts, tennis courts, racquetball courts, miniature baseball court, bowling alleys and a number of lawn games and other sports set up to entertain and impress guests. 

Beyond simple functionality, luxury buyers often look out for special features, designs or new technology that sets a home apart and makes it unique, unlike any other.