Casa Milca – resort with a fascinating past

January 6, 2020


Casa Milca – resort with a fascinating past

Stretching across the lovely coast of Tulum, Mexico, and transformed from the former hideout of Mexican drug lord Pablo Escobar, Casa Malca’s intention is to merge contemporary art with relaxation and bliss. Opened for visitors in 2015, it is now a luxury beach resort. 

Designed by Lio Malca, a New-York based art collector, Casa Malca often displays pieces from his own extensive collection, put out on a rotating basis, such as an elegant Jean-Michel Basquiat painting, or a beautiful sculpture. However, at its core, Casa Malca is an exclusive and supremely luxurious beach house, featuring two pools, two exclusive restaurants, and 42 rooms. It is furnished in a luxurious antique style, including the wooden front door, and seems to be directly from the glory days of Escobar’s drug monopoly. 

The rooms range into the height of luxury, all of them decorated in a neutral and eclectic color palette, and featuring organic luxuries such as rainforest showers, ultra soft linens, and pieces of art. The Junior Suites are around 400 square feet each, and are each equipped with private terraces. The Beachfront Master Suites boast around 600 square feet interior spaces, with the addition of 620 square feet of private terraces, direct beach access, and hammocks for relaxation. 

Of Casa Milca’s two pools, one of them is surrounded by palm trees and hammocks, and the other occupies a peaceful getaway cavern, lit by dim lights. The two restaurants of Casa Malca have designed their cuisine around delicious local ingriedients. Philosophy, the main restaurant of the hotel, features Mexican food – expect to tuck in to delicious tacos, huevos rancheros, along with more eclectic dishes such as pizza and shrimp. Casa Malca also has a rooftop bar, with enviable views of the Tulum sunsets, skyline and glittering beaches. 

Surrounded by the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, you can step out from Casa Malca only to be greeted by lush, marshy mangrove forests and be able to spot some exotic creatures. There is plenty to be excited about in the natural luxury and bliss of this resort with its mysterious past.