Cruise through the air in style

December 23, 2019


Cruise through the air in style

Air cruises seem perfectly designed for those travellers who would like a luxurious global adventure – you board a privately chartered jet, all set to depart for a two to three week itinerary, where you will travel around the world in style, stopping at world-class destinations along the way, such as Easter Island. 

Air cruises currently happening cost about 100000 USD on average. Here are some of the best and most luxurious air cruises currently on the market:
Abercrombie & Kent

This pioneer in the field of luxury air cruises uses a Boeing 757, which is decorated in the style of first-class cabins, features luxurious lie-flat seats. They currently operate three air cruises, for the upcoming year. From seeing the chantings of Tibetan monks in Ladakh to participating in authentic voodoo rituals in Benin, their Geoffrey Kent tour promises to be an adventure. They also operate two around-the-world wildlife tours, where you can see exotic creatures such as Filipino whale sharks, lemurs and more. 

Four Seasons

In 2015, Four Seasons, the successful Canadian hotel chain, decided to branch out into luxury air cruises as well by launching their own. You can travel around the world in their Boeing 757 craft, stamped with the iconic logo. Inside, their cabins replicate the style of the Four Seasons hotel rooms, featuring 52 plush lie-flat seats for you to relax as you cruise. Their flagship tour, International Intrigue, takes you around the world, starting in Seattle and finishing in Paris, stopping at exotic locations such as the Maldives and Serengeti on the way – costing 147000 USD overall. 
Crystal Cruises 

Crystal Cruises switched up their game from sea cruises to luxury air cruises, featuring a Boeing 777 jet with a social lounge, 82 first-class seats, and many more amenities on board. You will travel around the world, staying in luxurious hotels along the way.   To give you an idea of how much space you get on this cruise, the normal seating capacity of such a flight is around 300-400 people. The unusual thing about Crystal Cruises is that here, you get to charter your own jet and direct the pilots to take you wherever you wish, designing your own tour itinerary, or picking from already existing Crystal Cruises ones as well. A Crystal Cruise jet can be chartered for around 60000 USD per hour.