November 28, 2019



De Friese Franje is an incredibly built houseboat in Amsterdam which is up for sale at the price of $1.5 million. This property is held by Sotheby’s International Realty. The houseboat has become the centre of enticement in town while being placed in front of the Stopera (heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) on the Amstel river. This Dreamboat already substantiates to seize the best picture of the city. Nevertheless,  the term ‘Floating Palace’ is obtained to characterize it and anyone can wager that there can be no better acceptable word to alter it. 

De Friese Franje fulfils all the prerequisites of a luxurious home commencing from the location to the amenity, the houseboat has got everything Perfectly accomplished. De Friese Franje was redone over 1.5 years ago. It was renovated by the famous Amsterdam Kromhoutwerf. The refurbishment includes oak for the flooring, stiffened matted glass in the bedroom and padding smooth leather on the sides of the wheelhouse. 

The houseboat is modelled to have an eating area in the central part with a grand kitchen along with it. The kitchen unit is indicated to be the state of art, comprising stainless steel and granite cooking isle with microwave, cookstove, and a dishwasher. This elegant kitchen also captures the view of the living room from it. The living room retains the most beautiful view of Amsterdam and the Amstel River in all directions. The windows carry a black coating which renders it clearer to look from the inside but impossible from outside. De Friese Franje includes of totally three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The Master bedroom is attached with en-suite bathroom with Jacuzzi.

The houseboat also possesses a terrace area divided into 2 parts- the relaxing area and the eating area where you can enjoy the show standing view all day long. However, it is furthermore effortlessly susceptible to restaurants, public conveyance, grocery shopping. It also encompasses favourable parking opportunities in the public parking garage of the Stopera.