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Exploring newer canvases

June 2, 2019


Exploring newer canvases

Sometimes, when you splurge on a Gucci or a Louis Vuitton, it still doesn’t feel very exclusive, does it? But have you ever thought of giving your bags a makeover?

No, we aren’t talking about accessorising it. We are talking about intricately-detailed flamingoes and petulant grey cats that can make you feel like they exude a character of their own.

Chennai-based artist, Shirin Watwani has been practising marquage art on luxury gifts to give them a personalised look. The French word “Marquage’ literally means ‘leaving a mark’, by painting on luxury goods. This is the age of new canvases, don’t you think?

In the last two years, the resale value of luxury handbags has gone up by a stupendous amount. But it does not stop with the resale. The buyer has started looking for personalised goods, and that’s the market that Ms Watwani has created, and is looking to cater to. With a degree from Sydney’s Billy Blue College of Design, Ms Watwani picked up a brush three years ago. When a two-day exhibition of 25 acrylics on canvas was sold out at Amethyst in 2017, she was able to reconnect with her passion. Soon, her friend contacted her regarding marquage art. She had not heard about it then but decided to try it on an old Michael Kors. Thrilled by what she had created, she began asking her friends for old bags to practice on. Her first commission was a spray of pink bougainvillaea on an LV Neverfull in 2017 and since then, clients have approached Ms Watwani for makeovers.

If you are looking for one too, check out her page on Instagram – shirinwatwani. It’s time for your bag to get a facelift!