Lights, Camera, Rolex!

October 3, 2019


Lights, Camera, Rolex!

In the world of high-end mechanical watches, Rolex has a unique position. Being one of the most valuable luxury watch products in the world, Rolex is also termed as the most precious luxury watch brands in the world. The Swiss company is producing iconic designs that have become a real symbol of status. For instance, owning a modern Rolex day-day or vintage Submariner tell you a lot about your personality and what you’ve achieved in your life.

The quality of designs, the rareness of its components and most importantly, its impeccable method of manufacturing, which ensures precise and accurate performance, makes Rolex a very unique choice.

Rolex has a rich and diverse history of watchmaking innovation and management. Rolex watches were also worn by worldwide sports, cinema, politics, and business personalities. Some of the most famous Rolex owners are Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Elle Macpherson, Winston Churchill, Dr Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, John F Kennedy, and Victoria Beckham.

Some of the most expensive designs are historic parts that, due to their rareness or the fame of their former owners, have taken importance. Others are modern designs you can get your hands on by just walking into a Rolex boutique right away! Their prices vary between  $13,337 and $17.8 million.

The top fifteen most expensive Rolex watches in 2019 are:

  1. Submariner Date ($13,337)
  2. Sky-Dweller Oystersteel ($14,275)
  3. Cosmograph Daytona ($16,780)
  4. Datejust ($17,000)
  5. Rolex Day-Date ($34,500)
  6. Rolex Pearlmaster Collection ($87,000)
  7. Steve McQueen’s Rolex Submariner ($234,000)
  8. Rolex Platinum Diamond Pearlmaster ($277,850)
  9. James Bond Rolex Submariner ($365,000)
  10. Rolex GMT Master II Ice ($485,350)
  11. Eric Clapton’s Rolex “Oyster Albino” Cosmograph Daytona    ($1.4 million)
  12. Antimagnetique Reference 4113 ($2.5 million)
  13. Rolex Bao Dai ($5.1 million)
  14. Rolex Daytona Reeference 626 Unicorn ($5.9 million)
  15. Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona ($17.8 million)