Lights will guide you home

April 15, 2019


Lights will guide you home

When it comes to doing the interiors of your villa, we know one thing – lighting is key. Ask any professional, and they’ll tell you that there are three different types of lighting that can elevate the look and feel of your villa – ambient, task and accent. It is important to understand the combined usage of these so that you can provide a warm, welcoming message to any of your visitors.

Ambient Lighting:

Ambient lighting, that is also known as general lighting, provides the overall illumination to a given area of your home. Often, professionals study the use of the different spaces in your home and decide on the levels of brightness that will appropriately match the said spaces. So, how can one achieve good ambient lighting, you ask? Fundamental to your overall plan, ambient lighting consists of ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, track lights, chandeliers and lantern-style fixtures for the outside.  

Chandeliers have always been symbolic of class and elegance, and they have an air of prestige about them. If you want lights to complement the grandeur of your home, chandeliers are the way to go. While crystal chandeliers might give you a dramatic effect, glass chandeliers will seamlessly blend with the interiors that you have. But if you want something riveting, there is no better light source than candle chandeliers. Today, you get candle-style chandeliers that imitate the flickering effect of a candle, adding to the character of your hallway, dining room or kitchen. But if you are looking at a more subtle or discrete source of light, shaded chandeliers can add to the warmth of the room. They are a great way to spruce up the lighting in your bedroom!

Task Lighting:

Task Lighting refers to purpose-driven lighting that enables you to do a particular activity – reading, cooking, working, etc. Pendants, recessed-lighting, desk or floor-standing lamps are excellent sources of task lighting. When you are focussed on task lighting, your ambient light levels can be reduced. Pendant light fixtures are often used in kitchens or dining halls. A remarkable feature of task lighting is that the bulbs can be changed frequently, according to preferences. It is also a great way to free up space, that is usually lost by unnecessary lighting.

Accent Lighting:

As the name suggests, it is used to accentuate a particular aspect of the room – the couch, a piece of artwork or any other item of appeal. Accent lighting provides almost three times as much light as general lighting does. Today, wall sconce lights that are mounted on walls are positioned at the all-important eye-level to highlight the interiors of your villa. When placed on either side of vanity mirrors, nothing will say glorious perfection as they will.

Careful integration of these three types of lighting will give a luxurious touch to the interiors of your home. TVS Luxury Villas give you the perfect opportunity to incorporate these lightings in your home. Bookings will be open soon.