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Making your bedroom sublime

July 5, 2019


Making your bedroom sublime

Decorating a bedroom requires character, a certain sense of aesthetics. The feeling of ‘home’ gets amplified by how cozy and comfortable one feels at their own personal space of a bedroom. For a bedroom to evoke that feeling one must make the right choices while envisaging the bedroom’s design. These are some handy-tricks that can help you make the right choices while decorating your bedroom:

  • Subtle warm colours: Anyone who knows or has heard of colour psychology would agree with the statement that certain colours and shades have a positive influence on our psyche. We might not be very conscious of they alter our mood, but subconsciously they do. Choosing warm colours can help create that breezy-cozy feeling while compared to cold and hard-hitting colours.
  • Walls and Ceilings: These are quite often the overlooked components of a bedroom. Picking the correct palette for the walls and ceilings can help create a sense of contrast which can evoke a feeling of lightness. Adding a cherry on top, layering the walls with classy wallpapers can also paint a feeling of warmth to the room.
  • Furniture: The choice of furniture must be made with the spatial dimensions of the room in mind. Bringing a contrast between the size of the furniture and room doesn’t come off as the best of combinations. Small furniture for small rooms and big furniture for big rooms can create a sense of orderliness to the room.

It’s true that home is where the heart is but a bedroom is where a goodnight’s sleep is. Make wise and calculated choices!