Master the casual smart

October 4, 2019


Master the casual smart

Luxury shoes have become an essential element of every man’s wardrobe right from Gucci to Tom Ford and Balenciaga. Designer sneakers are indeed very popular among men. For an elegant casual look, you can easily wear them with a pair of Jeans or with suit pants for a casual business style. Sneakers deliver a level of style, flexibility, and comfort that is simply not balanced by other footwear.

 Our stylists hand-picked a budget-friendly high-quality alternative from brands like Adidas, Nike, and Puma for every luxury sneaker mentioned below. Such mainstream brands of sport and athletic wear have branched out to produce sleek, trendy streetwear footwear.

And if you choose carefully, for most days of the week, a pair of high-end sneakers will become your go-to shoes. Casual shoes for premium men are versatile, trendy and practical. We think its money well spent!

That’s where our men’s list of the top quality sneaker comes in. Here’s a quick view of it:

  • Casual Sneakers: Gucci ($670)

Alternative brand: Adidas

  • Dressed up sneaker: Lanvin ($490)

Alternative brand: Cole Haan

  • Black and White sneakers: Valentino ($695)

Alternative brand: Puma

  • Premium leather sneakers: Paul Smith ($450)

Alternative brand: Emerica

  • Classy sneakers: John Lobb ($685)

Alternative brand: Nike

  • Most comfortable sneakers: Balenciaga ($750)

Alternative brand: Adidas

  • Tennis sneakers: Balenciaga ($550)

Alternative brand: Lacoste

  • Most durable sneakers: Tom Ford ($820)

Alternative brand: Converse

  • Most expensive sneakers: Gucci ($1,590)

Alternative brand: Bally