Men’s lifestyle – a view through his wardrobe!

May 14, 2019


Men’s lifestyle – a view through his wardrobe!

When it comes to fashion, people have a very misconceived notion that the word suits best only for women. Which is a complete NO-NO statement! Nothing could be more incorrect than the thought that a guy can just carry himself with a pair of jean and shirt. Men take as much trouble choosing their clothes as women do. In fact, men can be really fastidious about some things like a crease on their pants, shape of the collar, length of their shirt sleeves, and so on. Men have realised that they are also being judged by how they look, so it’s best to make the right impression.

Clothes for men has become a huge business nowadays. Right from choosing the attire to styling it, men’s grooming has become the talk of the town. More than the bride’s attire, everyone has become very interested in having a sneak-peek of the groom’s attire in any wedding. We can take our very own divas Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding as the best example. More than knowing what Deepika is going to wear for the big day, everyone’s eyes were more curiously waiting to have a glance at Ranveer’s attire. Ranveer, as we all know, is one of the top B-town celebrities who has taken the word fashion to a whole new level. It is no surprise if you spot the Padmavat actor flaunting a bright orange jogger with a tank top at dawn, and a flashy pink blazer with a tee and a torn jean at dusk. He awes people with his fashion sense, which includes Mrs.Singh too!

So, the next time you come across a guy with baggy jeans and a shirt/ a tee, don’t throw a misjudgment on streaming him to be a boring guy with no fashion sense. He, at a very extreme end, might even be the next fashion icon who might just woo you off your feet!