Pickup, the electric way!

September 27, 2019


Pickup, the electric way!

With the B2 all-wheel-drive pickup truck, Bollinger Motors is bringing the electric car revolution to the rough outdoors. The company based in Michigan unveiled the new car with an impressive fact sheet to match earlier this year.

Building on the success of the B1 Sport Utility Truck, with a full-size pickup truck, Bollinger Motors is expanding its range of vehicles. Dual-motor platform, hydropneumatic suspensions, in-wheel portal gear hubs and a 120-kWh battery pack are the unique features that the B2 comes with. Ready to discover the new ev pickup?

The B2 will have innovative pass-through gates to transport extra-long products, taking complete advantage of the lack of a gas motor. The B2 will be a Class 3 working truck with 5,000 pounds of carrying capacity and 10,001 pounds of gross car weight.

The B2 pickup truck will be fully legal to drive in the US, Canada, the EU, Australia and New Zealand in its final version.