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December 23, 2019



The residence in the structure of a pyramid which expands up to 2.4 acres of land and sits 2000 feet above shoreline hits the market at the rate of $2.288 million. This exclusively distinct and spectacular house is located in Malibu, California. 

This house comprises of three bedrooms, three bathrooms and is enclosed by fruit orchards, grasslands, hiking paths, and Ravines. The existing owners purchased this house back in 2005 for $1.5 million. The exceptional features of this house incorporate its enormous area of 4000 Square feet, it’s extremely ample and oversized windows and most importantly an ancient sun calendar called analemma. 

The City known for its richness and high price tags with notable residents has left this stunning house on to the scene capturing awe-striking impressions from the people. This altogether unique house was found to be constructed by two architects in the year 1982.

The prime floor of the ‘Pyramid’ amasses the main living area, a kitchen, two bedrooms, a dining area and a study. 

The study contains a fireplace and massive windows exhibiting amazing views of the mountains. It furthermore carries a sun calendar placed on the footing near the window. The sunlight that strikes on it will denote the time according to the archaic method. The staircase that directs to the second level encompasses a master suite with a private balcony attached to it. The spacious and oversized windows are scattered throughout the house deeming the natural light to surpass all-around rendering everything bright. 

As the backside of the home confronts the west some wonderful and eye-catching views of the Santa Monica can be witnessed. This is nevertheless a dream home to the people with incredibly imaginative mindsets.