January 22, 2020



The Rosehall Estate still contemplated to be the historic landmark of Scotland is located on the Scottish island. The land extending up to 700 acres will soon come to be a delight for the Scottish tourists to satisfy a chance of dwelling a night at that enormous mansion as it is going to turn out into a Luxurious Hotel according to the information obtained by THE TIMES.

The Rosehall Estate served as a “Love nest” to the Stunning couple Coco Chanel and Hugh “Bendor” Grosvenor. The couple spent their several summers of 1920’s in this Estate. The Second Duke of Westminster Hugh “Bendor” Grosvenor and the Famous French designer Coco Chanel had a wonderful time hosting all of their important visitors in this Estate. Chanel redesigned every tiny interior of this estate conforming her exquisite taste. This estate is termed as Chanel’s iconic design and it is also incredible that this is the only building designed by Chanel in the United Kingdom.

 The Original house of Rosehall Estate was constructed in the late 1800s and was seized by Chanel’s design only in the 1920s. 

However, the house has been left deserted for more than 52 years. The house comprises 22 rooms and occupies two storeys. The walls were painted in the Beige tone which is recognised as the impression tone of Chanel. The specially hand-printed wallpapers were found to be inspired by her apartment in Paris and she has included ornate furnishing in dark tones with it. The house was left abandoned since 1967. 

The verified fact tells that the estate was recently bought by an undisclosed buyer finally after it was put for sale for almost four years at the market price of £ 3 million. 

The Estate standing located in Scotland valley still stays as a fascinating essence for all the tourists of Scotland.