Scramblers of 2019

May 26, 2019


Scramblers of 2019

All those motorbike freaks who love to flaunt their new machines to the world, gear up to have your hands on the new “retro motorcycle” design which is the hot topic right now! Just like how every chunk of a motorcycle has a vintage feel, these “retro motorcycles” too have a cool back-in-the-day flavour. Here’s presenting you the latest bikes, both retro and modern, that offer a big bang for the buck!

  • Indian FTR 1200:

The FTR 1200 uses a 1203-cc twin delivering around 120 hp, which is plenty for the bike’s sub-500-lb dry weight.

Best Price: $12,999

  • Harley Davidson Iron 1200:

The 1200cc twin provides a nearly 20 lb-ft boost in torque over the standard 883cc twin, and that’s a difference that can be felt. The new Iron 1200 looks tough thanks to its bobbed rear fender and completely blacked-out appearance.

Best Price: $9,999

  • Royal Enfield Continental GT:

The 650-cc Continental GT and Interceptor models are all new from the frame up and promise to be far more robust than any Royal Enfield that has come before. The Continental GT looks like it rolled right straight out of the 1970s. Well, it sure does look that way!

Best Price: $5,999

  • Husqvarna Svartpilen 401:

This Swedish brand motorcycle has a long and storied history producing dirt bikes. But this new Svartpilen (meaning ‘black arrow’) 401 along with the larger, more powerful and more expensive 701, marks a return to road bikes.

Best Price: $6,299

  • Can Am Ryker:

This isn’t a motorcycle, but a trike.Can Am has been building trikes for a decade now and the new Ryker is its first truly affordable model. The Ryker is designed to look sportier with a lower stance and improved handling dynamics. It even looks cooler and more modern than the older touring-oriented Spyder.

Best Price: $8,499