Sustainable luxury isn’t a paradox

May 13, 2019


Sustainable luxury isn’t a paradox

You could easily be staggered by the idea of somebody wearing high-end eco-friendly fashion. It might even sound like an oxymoron. But you would find these guys on the same red carpet as Gucci, Prada or Givenchy. They offer couture selections that are both sustainable and luxurious.

Before we get into the who’s who of this business, let’s decode what ethical fashion is. Leading designers today don’t just want great looking, durable items. They want to make sure that right from material sourcing to production, everything’s done in an ethical manner. That means, instead of choosing an ultra-expensive brand that does not take a stance on ‘making the right choice for the planet’, they look at brands that include a more worldly perspective on their carbon footprint. So what does ethical fashion comprise of?

  1. Protecting animal rights
  2. Fair wages and humane working conditions
  3. Workers’ rights and sustainable living
  4. Reducing water waste
  5. Developing and promoting sustainability
  6. Recycling waste and addressing energy efficiency

Misha Nonoo, an American-based fashion designer decided to design clothes for women that would help them cope with their stress. She created a best-selling collection with just eight pieces that could be used to create 22 tantalizing, yet unique looks. That’s a win-win for sustainable fashion, right? Founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, has developed a brand that is big on commitment to sustainability and innovation. They work alongside ‘Worn Wear’ to recycle clothes and promote eco-friendly fashion. One of the most popular brands in the world, H & M, has launched its ‘conscious collection’ that aims at giving back to the communities and helping the planet simultaneously. There are other brands like ‘Tome’ and ‘Eileen Fisher’ who look at procuring eco-friendly material and converting them to sophisticated fashion that you can wear without feeling guilty.

If you want to indulge in extravagant fashion while maintaining your stance on sustainability, start by following the ethical fashion initiative. You can join the conversation on social media with #whomademyclothes to see which brands offer eco-friendly fashion, and how they are giving back to communities.