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Tailored to perfection

April 3, 2019


Tailored to perfection

What are some of the features that modern-day billionaires and millionaires look for in a luxury Villa?

  1. A premium villa should be exemplary in the kind of technology it uses. We are not talking about flashy AI assistants or robotic alarms that will make you scuttle around the room before you can turn them off. An energy-efficient villa should have a minimalist approach to technology – kill the switches and the remotes and try custom-built technology that is tailored to the contours of the existing architecture. Invisible entertainment is the future and nothing exudes sophistication as it does.
  2. Nothing says splendour like large spaces and fancy finishes. The importance that needs to be given to actual space and the perception of space, cannot be underestimated, especially in a villa. What sets a regular villa apart from a high-end one is the floor plan. When you walk through the front door, do you feel that sweeping, airy feel? A good floor plan can elevate the ambiance in myriad ways.  
  3. When the quality of construction – raw materials, fittings and furnishings come into question, improvement services consisting of kitchen and bath renovations, concierge, design rebuilds and architectural makeovers must also be kept in mind. Because if anything, a rigid and unvarying design could kill the elegance of your villa.  
  4. When luxury is defined by the location the Villa is situated in, it is important to choose a locality that is coveted and aspirational in every sense. Planned development and good social infrastructure are integral to choosing the right neighbourhood. Luxury developers target properties where residents insist on privacy and therefore single unit per floor concepts have become popular over time.  
  5. Be it the way your kitchen is done, the landscape or the amenities such as fitness centers, entertainment zones and pools – there should be a trendsetter for everything. Most luxury villas come equipped with a personal gym. There’s nothing like sweating at the comfort of your home. Similarly, homes with gazebos, outhouse, or an outdoor leisure space are a rarity and will always add to the charm of how space is used.
  6. A personal elevator that opens to the foyer of an opulent home is one of the most popular features of a luxury villa. They are now a must-have in all kind of luxury properties, an apartment, a penthouse or a mansion.

Keeping this in mind, TVS is tailoring a villa fit for somebody who understands what ultimate sophistication is. Bookings will be open soon.