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December 3, 2019



The landmark of Hudson Valley “Tarrytown House Estate” is substantiated to the promising place for the travellers willing to explore the city of Westchester. This place comprises centuries-old history with it. The record commences from the 1800s when it remained as a country residence for the prosperous families of the tobacco and railroad industries. A century later it had become a place for affluent people to perform events and celebrations. 

In the year 1964, the founder Bob Schwartz revolutionized the organizational training and meetings enterprise with the outcome of Tarrytown house-  the Country’s 1st commercial conference centre.

The Tarrytown House has now become a place for the corporate, associate and parliament leaders to hold valuable conferences. It furthermore receives guests from all around the world and fascinates them with its glorious beauty and elegance.

The Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson in New York is situated 30 miles from Manhattan. The extravagant ambience of the prior makes you it’s admirer for eternity. 

The property stretches around 26 acres with lavishly constructed ancient mansions from the 1840s which has presently incorporated to establish this beautiful estate. The Tarrytown House Estate is redesigned at a cost of $15 million. The Resort-style hotel encompasses 10 rooms in the King Mansion which retains its historical style and magnificence. It also encloses 214 rooms that are stylishly modernized to suit the interior structure and decor of the present. The people who are inclined to experience a moment out of this era can opt to dwell at the rooms of King Mansion. Joan Miro inspired wallpapers and ceilings will seize your heart the moment you look at them. The Mansion is dazzlingly designed and furnished with the combination of the antique and the contemporary style. Victorian fashion tile work is imposed in its bathrooms. 

The revamped King Mansion rooms include high ceilings, flat-screen Tv’s, with Wi-Fi and coffee makers. The scenery from the Mansion of the Hudson river can fill your eyes with splendour. The wooden floors and garnished fireplaces (currently not functional) are replenished to ensure the historical life in it. The Biddle House amasses a large ballroom, conference room, a restaurant- ‘Cellar 49’ and also the Winter place- the windowed place where the visitors are served with breakfasts. The pavements and sidewalks are indeed a feast for the eyes of nature lovers. 

The Splendid Dining experience you could ever imagine is right at your assistance in the  ‘Goosefeather’ restaurant on the main floor of the King Mansion. This is termed as a destination restaurant as it has guests from all over the country. Food lovers will never intend to miss this place. It is a 180 seating restaurant with a bar. Goosefeather is operated by the celebrity chef Dale Talde and his wife, Agnes. 

It is said that the ingredients used are mostly taken from the farms of Tarrytown House Estate. The Variety of options in the menu renders it difficult for you to narrow down your preferences. Each and every dish has its own unique taste allowing you to take pleasure in every single bite of it. The Dining room is divided into 4 areas and it carries the same ceilings of the King Mansion. 

This place is a must-visit ‘living fantasy’ which cannot withstand you from experiencing it.