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Tech-up for a smart bedroom!

July 26, 2019


Tech-up for a smart bedroom!

What if we told you that your room could have a consciousness and that you hold the power to make it come alive? Of course, you’re going to need the help of other devices but the choice of handing it the consciousness is in your hands, more to say, in your pockets. The concept of a smart-phone which looked very futuristic when initially coined has become just another device today, being found in the hands of every pedestrian. But smart bedrooms? We don’t see them that often. A smart bedroom isn’t bought but arranged, put together carefully like a weaver weaves a cloth of silk. Here are the products that we think could help you achieve a bedroom that not just looks smart but feels smart. 

  1. Smart Herb Garden: All of us like the idea of growing plants in our personal spaces. They uplift our mood and also add to the aesthetics of the place. But the part where we have to take care of it? Things can get a little difficult, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Smart herb garden could help you solve this limitation. This NASA-inspired device looks like a plastic pot in which you can sow your seeds and the device will control the parameters necessary for the optimal growth of the plant, including the light and water. Horticulture hasn’t ever been this easy before.
  2. Philips white ambiance wellness table lamp: This lamp can radiate season-friendly light depending on your liking. The light is malleable in the way that it can create an ambiance of summer, autumn, and winter just by adjusting it on the app. There’s also a timer that lets you regulate the period of the ambiance set.
  3. Sleep Regulating Alarm Clock: This smart-clock that comes with a sleep-inducing lamp makes falling asleep easier than usual. This device also has an array of soothing-sounds that most meditation apps offer, acting as a lullaby for you to sleep peacefully. It can also monitor your sleeping environment and find out factors that disrupt your sleep!
  4. Samsung’s Class the Frame 4K UHD Tv: This 4K-display Samsung TV can make your hall into an art gallery when the TV is turned off. The TV has a frame similar to the ones that you find in an art gallery and has a collection of paintings which it can keep changing too, depending on the timer and preferences set. A gallery-like bedroom? Check.