November 25, 2019



Tesla has unveiled its new “Cybertruck” on to the scene, leaving the entire world amazed. The design is drastically different from the formerly designed ones. It is certainly exhilarating to note that until the time of disclosing, this design of the cybertruck was kept in a confidential manner.

The Cybertruck is exclusively distinctive in its fullness, starting from the features to its range of specifications. Nonetheless,  Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk seems to be very confident in its design. As the primary motto of Tesla was always to stand unique and outstanding. It would not be like Tesla if it is anything normal.

Moving to the structure of this Cybertruck, it is fully covered with a metallic body and it looks like a car that is unleashed from a videogame. The Cybertruck is designed in such a way that it could either be loved so much by people or could be hated at the same extent. It totally relies upon individual preferences. 

Holding the main criteria of the truck in possessing a utility objective, it also guarantees to give a promising performance than a sports car.  Tesla’s new Cybertruck was formulated in all ways to ascertain it’s exceptionally elevated durability and endurance. 

The exterior part of the truck is made up of the impenetrable Exoskeleton with the Ultra-hard 30X Stainless Steel, to keep it from the damage and the long term corrosion. 

This is declared to be bulletproof to safeguard and provide passengers protection at it’s best.  Tesla’s Armor glass is ultra-strong and damage resistant. 

Versatile Utility- The Cybertruck comprises of a 100 cubic feet of exterior lockable repository more like a vault. Cybertruck possesses the massive towing ability of over 14000 pounds and it verifies to execute with ease at any circumstance.

It also encompasses an adaptive air suspension. The Cybertruck has a very spacious interior of six seats and it consists of an advanced 17″ touchscreen with all new Tesla’s software user interface. 

Counting in all of this, Tesla made sure that it’s all-new Electric Cybertruck’s Performance and Efficiency to be extraordinary as it’s powerful drivetrain and low centre of gravity provides the cybertruck with the traction control and it enables acceleration from 0-60mph within 2.9 seconds and moves in up to 500 miles of range. 

This Cybertruck comes in three models. 

Single Motor RWD –  $39,900.

Dual Motor AWD- $49,900

Tri-Motor AWD- $69,900.

Tesla also promises to bring in the “self-driving” mode ( which enables the car to drive on its own) with an additional charge of $7000. The orders for the Cybertrucks can be placed now but the productions are near the later part of 2021 and the Tri-Motor AWD’s production is expected to be in 2022. Elon Musk has just announced that Tesla has received nearly 146,000 orders after it made its debut.