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Time for a zenful retreat!

July 15, 2019


Time for a zenful retreat!

One can boast about the technological advances that the century has given birth to but with this growth of technology and science, there’s also a growing sense of commotion within. The need to unwind and rejuvenate hasn’t been of more importance ever than it is today. When it comes to rejuvenation, there’s no other activity that comes to what a good few hours of Yoga can do to your physical and mental health. Here is a curated list of few of the finest yoga retreats in our country:

  1. SwaSwara: This wellness centre is operated by CGH health and is one of the most serene yoga retreats in India. Located in the temple-town of Gokarna which is home to a lot of beautiful beaches, the centre offers a lot of relaxing techniques like swimming, meditation and nature excursions. A 10-day retreat in this centre can be both a mini-vacation and a rejuvenation.
  2. Soukya: This wellness centre in Bangalore has been a royal favourite for not only Indians but various big-names around the world including Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. This lush-green retreat offers you the best personal attention and cottages with holistic facilities which can even help treat some serious health problems. 
  3. Ananda Spa: While it’s true that a simple visit to Himalayan expanse itself could be a rejuvenating experience, Ananda spa can take you a step further in the same realm. Situated in the placid region of Himalayas, this spa offers over 80 services in its 24-room spa along with yoga classes.