Woven City

February 3, 2020


Woven City

A smart city is to be on the process of being built by the company Toyota at the base of Japanese Mount Fuji. This is known to be located 62 miles from Tokyo. This city is built exclusively to test and develop future technologies in accordance with Artificial Intelligence. “Woven City” is to be spread across 175 miles carrying smart homes with it. Toyota plans to start this city with a population of approximately 2000 people initially.

 The population is supposed to include the Toyota employees, retired couples, Retailers and Scientists. The technology life here is to be made sustainable using the power of fuel cells. This city is also termed as “city of the future” for it is based on the future tech in its entirety. The people will start being accommodated and the city will start functioning in more or less five years from now. The supremely famed Danish Architect Bjarke Injels has designed this city. He has made the roads enabling self-driving and Zero-emissions vehicles.

 The proven source states that the construction of this city will start by 2021. Akio Toyoda- the president of Toyota has remarked that this city will greatly help in the development of Future technologies including digital operating system for the city’s infrastructure.

 He also added that when people, buildings and vehicles all get connected and start communicating with each other through data and sensors, we will be able to test the connected AI technology in both the virtual and physical realms maximizing it’s potential. The smart home residents will have Robotic systems in the home and a sensor-based artificial intelligence to check the health and ensure the basic needs. In order to decrease the carbon footprint the city’s buildings will be built of wood in large proportion. The City will also encompass parks and a central plaza. Toyota’s self-driving vehicles, e-Pallettes will be used for transportation in the city.